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Lebanon: Welcome Revolution!

After, Tunisia and Egypt, the domino effect of the revolution reached Bahrain, Yemen and Libya but the new thing is: it's now in Lebanon!

(Photo from

Egypt: Journalists Protest in Front of Press Syndicate

Counter-revolution: Stocks Market and Corruption..

Downtown, Cairo: Around 100 protesters were gathering in front of the Egyptian Stock Exchange (ESE). By asking the protesters why they are protesting here not in Tahrir as usual, I got the whole story.

Shafik's govt decided to reopen the ESE again tomorrow, Tuesday. Protesters' main demand there was that we can't open it now as the corrupted members of Mubarak's regime are waiting for this reopening to transfer huge amounts of money abroad. How is that? I got the answer from Dr. Ramadan Ma'rouf, a PhD researcher in political and economical sciences.

Businessmen are waiting for this scheduled reopen to:
1- Some of them can buy all the stocks they have and deposit amounts of money to the International Arab Bank (IAB) which is not subjected to any kind of regulations applied to other banks according to a treaty between Arab countries. After that, they can transfer this money they originally stole from Egyptian people by using the corrupted structure of Mubarak's regime abroad.
GDR: The GDR system allows domestic shares to be offered for sale globally. So here is the deals: Businessmen can buy stocks here in Egypt and go to London to resell them there in London Stock Exchange and here we go! The money is magically there in London.

Besides, reopening the ESE without any measurements from the govt will cause total collapse in the stocks prices. Also, this might expose large shares of a lot of Egyptian people-owned industries to be bought be foreign investors to find significant sectors of our economy to be run by different countries!

According to Dr. Ramadan, this reopen of the ESE will cause losses of around 70 billions LE in the first two days.
Now it's clear, Shafik's govt, which has been appointed by Mubarak, doesn't care about losses and economy as much they care about how Mubarak's regime's businessmen can run away with their money and cover up any corruption leads from the past.

Update: Protesters gained a new success; the reopening of the ESE has been postponed to the next Sunday.

Sunday, February 27, 2011

A testimony On The Arrest Of Protester Amr Abdallah on Friday, February 26

A testimony from Dr. Laila Mostafa Sewif, an eye-witness of the arrest and torture of Amr Abdallah, the protesters who is currently facing military trial after the army made up an arm possession case against him.. (Read it in Arabic too)

At 2 am, Saturday, February 26, 2011 in AL-Qasr Al-Einy st., in front of the People's
Assembly, after the military soldiers and police violently adjourned the sit-in I was part of, and while we were leaving, some military soldiers abducted Mr. Amr Abdallah al-Behery (32 years old, from Kafr Al-Zayyat) and started beating him strongly and hurt his face strongly without any clear reason as we were all leaving. When I, and my company, objected this and declared that we won't leave without this young man, a high-rank military officer calmed us down and ordered to bring Amr and he was severely injured in his face. We took him and walked through al-Qasr al-Ainy st. Dr. Shady al-Ghazaly Harb, Dr. Takadom al-Khatib (a lecturer in faculty of Arts, Mansoura Uni), my daughter Mona Seif al-Islam Abd el-Fattah, my son Alaa Seif al-Islam Abd el-Fattah and his wife Manal Bahei al-Dein Hassan and Mr. Ahmad Abdallah (a relative of Amr who was helping him to walk) were with me.

While we were walking, 2 young men stopped with their car offering a transportation to any place. So, we asked them to take Amr and his relative then Dr. Shady and Dr. Takadom left us to take Dr. Shady's car and I, with my family, continued walking in Garden City's streets.

After minutes, Dr. Takadom called me saying that the military officers stopped them again. So, we went back to al-Qasr al-Ainy st. to find that Amr, his relative, dr. Shady, dr. Takadom and the two young men who were only helping by their car have been all arrested by a large number of military officers.

Then, at around 4 am, Dr. Takadom called me saying that he and Dr. Shady has been released but the other four detainees are still abducted and saying that the army officers who abducted them were saying that Amr is posessing a weapon.

By 2 pm, Saturday February 26, 2011, and after I knew about Statement 23 that has been issued by the Supreme Council of Armed Forces that was stating that all detainees from this morning has been released, I called Mr. Ahmad Abdallah, Amr's relative, who have told me that he and the two young men who have been helping them have been released but he doesn't know anything about Amr.

I would like to assure that Amr Abdallah al-Behery wasn't possessing any
kind of arms. He was detained at first by the army and they would never have release him
as they did in the first time and let him go with us if he was carrying any arms.
Most probably, the army continued detaining Amr and made an arm possession case against him
in an attempt to justify the Amr's injuries after my daughter Mona Ahmad Seif, Dr. Shady al-Ghazaly Harb and Dr. Takadom photographed his injuries and it was clear that we were intending to file complaints about this torture case. Besides, I would like to say that all youths, who have been detained by the army and I talked with, told me that they have been severely beaten and some of them told me that them have been electrocuted.

Dr. Laila Mostafa Sewif
Lecturer, Faculty of Sciences, Cairo Uni
National ID: 25605018800105

Video: Egyptian Military Severely Torturing Detainees الجيش المصري يقوم بتعذيب المعتقلين

A video showing army officers severely and brutally torturing detainees by electrocuting and beating them.. You can see high-rank military officers present while torturing the detainees.. This is what the army is; just an arm of Mubarak's regime...
فيديو يظهر مجموعة من ضباط الجيش يقوم بتعذيب مجموعة من المعتقلين بشدة عبر الصعق بالكهرباء وضربهم.. يظهر في الفيديو أحد الضباط من أصحاب الرتب العالية في الجيش موجودا أثناء تعذيب المعتقلين.. أصبح الأمر واضحا الآن: الجيش هو مجرد ذراع أخري لنظام مبارك

Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Monday, February 21, 2011

Libya: The Grandsons of Omar al-Mokhtar...

"We do not surrender.. We win or we die" - Omar al-Mokhtar

(Designed by Mohamed Al-Bakry)

How To Help Libya?...

Please help Libya
You can join/help medical convoys to Libya
by calling:
# Dr. Abd el-Fattah Rizk: 0101434295
(General coordinator of the medical convoy)

# Dr. Ihab: 0100273337
(Coordinator of the medical convoys in Nasr City, Cairo, Egypt )

Or you can call two Libyan lawyers
who help in smuggling aids into Libya:

# Mr. Sami Hazza'a 0103370079

# Mr. Gaber Abd Allah: 0105270738

لمن يريد الانضمام ومساعدة القوافل الطبية المصرية على حدود ليبيا

# د/ عبد الفتاح رزق 0101434295 المنسق العام للبعثة الطبية
# د/ ايهاب 0100273337 منسق القوافل الطبية بمدينة نصر- القاهرة

محاميان فى القبائل الليبية يمكنهم تهريب المساعدات
# أ/ سامى هزاع 0103370079
# أ/ جابر على الله 0105270738

Libya.. Ghaddafi Kills All (3)

The massacre of Benghazi yesterday..
(Al-Jazeera says that the footage is what they could broadcast.. After I saw this, I wonder what the other martyrs Al-Jazeera couldn't broadcast looks like)

Libya.. Ghaddafi Kills All (2)

Dead protester..

Libya.. Ghaddafi Kills All (1)

Corpses are founds burnt after attacks by the Libyan army on protesters

Union solidarity with Egypt: UTLA

A statement of solidarity from the United Teachers Los Angeles (UTLA) with the Egyptian revolution and the ongoing workers' strikes and protests:

Support democracy and workers' rights in Egypt! End U.S. aid to the military regime!

MOVED THAT UTLA express our support for the struggle for workers' rights in Egypt following the heroic protests that ousted dictator Hosni Mubarak, and for the recent formation of the Egyptian Federation for Independent Unions as an alternative to the state-controlled Egyptian Federation of Trade Unions.

Further moved that UTLA express our support for the immediate transition to free and fair democratic elections, and demand that President Obama and the U.S. Congress immediately halt all financial support for Egypt's military regime--which has ruled the country and thwarted democracy for six decades.

Rationale: The U.S. government gives Egypt's military regime approximately $1.3 billion per year. This "foreign aid" does not help the 40 percent of Egyptian people who survive on less than $2 per day, but instead helps the military purchase the tear gas, guns and other weapons that were used by Mubarak's police and supporters to attack the peaceful democracy protesters in Tahrir Square.

It is unconscionable that our tax dollars are being used to help foreign governments repress their own populations while education, health care and other public services face budget cuts and layoffs across the U.S.

A rising wave of workers' struggles, strikes and union organizing played a critical role in Mubarak's ouster. Now for the first time many Egyptian workers are creating their own independent unions not controlled by the government. The right to independent unions is a cornerstone of democracy and civil liberties. Our sisters and brothers in the Teachers Independent Union are among the founders of the Egyptian Federation for Independent Unions.

Time Sensitive: Protests and strikes continue as we speak in Egypt, with the future of the country in the balance every day. Messages of support from unions like ours will make a huge difference by giving confidence to the Egyptian workers' movement. Moreover, President Obama just announced his budget proposal, which cuts dozens of crucial public services at a time when they're needed the most.

Thus the federal government is now deciding on budgetary expenditures, including aid to Egypt and other undemocratic regimes. Now is the perfect time to demand "money for educators, not for dictators!"

UTLA House of Representatives, Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Seif Ghaddafi :D

I didn't carry any respect before to that theory saying that stupidity is genetically inherited.. Well, I apologize. Seif Ghaddafi just proved me wrong. That young man just gave one of the funniest speeches in the history of mankind (I dun know about speeches in the world of apes but this might apply there too!). I dun think that there's anyone to compete you in this stupidity better than your dad.. Your family rocks, Ghadaffi apes!
Well, set all the kidding aside, you will never run away with the massacres and blood on your hands. The Libyan revolution just started and will NEVER stop...

Workers protests are still challenging the military orders

Only 24 hours after t military junta's decision about banning strikes, a wave of workers protests and strikes swept different locations in Egypt. Omar Effendi's workers, Egypt Postal workers, local council's employees, Swiss Co. workers, Basyoun Brothers Co. workers, Ezz Dkhayla workers and peasants in different locations painted a brilliant portrait of how to continue the revolution.

Libya: Benghazi is Now Free

The revolution in Libya is moving forward. Libyans just declared it: "Benghazi is Free". The protesters managed to get rid of all Qaddafi soldiers. Stay strong, our brothers and sisters in Libya. You are changing the history..

Egyptian military kills a woman and arrests workers in Suez

The Egyptian military is now proving their real attitude towards our revolution. A military truck just killed a woman in Suez during moving to transport some of drivers military arrested after breaking down drivers sit-in. In Cairo also, the military police has allegedly arrested 5 workers from the Egyptian Railways workshops after they staged a sit-in. I think it's becoming very clear to all people now. If we do wanna make a COMPLETE change, then back to supporting strikes and back to Tahrir square...

Post-Mubarak Graffiti!

A collection of post-Mubarak Graffiti in Cairo streets. Photographed by Mona Seif.

Revolution is Rocking Everywhere!

After Tunisia and Egypt, the revolution is spreading everywhere. I wanna make a 'revolution hot spots' map or something like this!

In Libya:

In Morocco:

In Iran:

Jordan: Peaceful Protesters Attacked By King's Thugs

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Bahrain's Revolution: Army is Deliberately Killing Peaceful Protesters (Video)

This is so brutal. The Bahrain's army is deliberately killing a lot of Bahraini protesters with live rounds. Long live your revolution, our brothers and sisters in Bahrain. Long live your revolution..

Libya's Revolution: 'Many killed' in Benghazi

Qaddafi is burning Libya. The revolution is devastating his authority and he make a revenge before he got toppled. He is definitely going to the hell of of stupid killers (with Mubarak and Ben Ali) but he doesn't wanna make it easy. Al-Jazeera reported mass killing in Libya done by Qaddafi thugs:

Libyan security forces have reportedly opened fire at a funeral in the eastern city of Benghazi, killing at least 15 people and injuring scores more as protests against Muammar Gaddafi, the country's long-time ruler, continued.

The victims on Saturday were mourning the loss of protesters who had been killed during anti-government demonstrations in the city during the past week, witnesses said, bringing the death toll to more than 100 in six days of unrest, according to opposition groups.

Please free people allover the world: LIBYA NEEDS OUR HELP..

Click here for the full Al-Jazeera report on Libyan revolution...

Morocco: The Revolution is Almost Set!

Would February 20, 2011 be the date of the Moroccan revolution?! Thousands of Moroccans are expected to join major
protests demanding limit to the king's powers and handing some to a newly elected government. Well, the domino effect is moving so fast and the history of the whole world is being changed now. We are coming, Palestine.. WE ARE COMING...

Strikes And Our Permanent Revolution in Egypt

I couldn't have imagined that in the middle of our revolution, I might find someone to say that the revolutionaries shouldn't call for any strikes! I thought it was an ABC in the handbooks of the revolutions(!) that after toppling the police and the dictator and intervention of the military, the only weapon to use is the strikes. The military can kill people protesting but CAN NOT deal with striking workers sitting at their home!
So, again, to remind: the strikes are the only way to continue our revolution for these reasons:
1- Before anything, the demands of all strikes and protests now are very legit! They need to have a good life with average standards and actually the participated in the revolution for that very reason.(This is especially true if we put in mind that there is already a verdict of the minimum wage setting it to 1200 LE)
2- The strikes are the main tool people can use to exert more and more pressure on the military to meet ALL the demands of the revolutionaries as the huge businesses worldwide won't stand anymore losses.

3- The revolution was calling for toppling and destroying the whole regime not Mubarak only. Mubarak has gone but there is a lot and a lot of corruption soldiers in every sector of the state. The strikes are the main tool to expose those corrupted officials and remove them. Egypt is like a big ship now, the captain has been killed but we still need to shake this ship well to force all the rats to leave that ship and run away! Strike is the way to make that shaking!

4- If we are looking for a good political environment in Egypt in the future, we need to start building it's core now; and that's the unions. Workers have to start building independent unions everywhere and rebuild new forms to communicate. This needs to be done ASAP as the strikes waves are already there, people are still in the euphoria of the victory and there won't be any police harassment anytime soon!

Mahalla Workers Makes A New Victory

(photo from 3arabawy)

One day after the military junta warned Egyptian workers from continuing striking, Mahalla textile workers managed, after 4 days of striking, to topple the NDP-backed CEO and to raise their development bonuses with 100% and their monthly bonuses with 50%.
This new victory makes it very clear: the widespread protests and strikes everywhere is the main way to continue our revolution and remove all forms of corruption in all sectors of the state (i.e making a TRUE revolution)..

To Continue The Egyptian Revolution...

By this scene, I can't think of anything but this: Our revolution is on the right track.. Just a little more effort and we will do it.. We will bring down the whole regime...

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I always had this very annoying problem: where the hell can I write?! Of course, I tried blogging before but I always failed to continue and that always made me feel like I am letting someone out there down!
Well, I am re-blogging again here. I feel like I have a lot to say and there's no time better than that to start. I hope I can make it this time and manage to keep this blog out there for a while! Wish me luck!