Saturday, March 5, 2011

State Security Leaks: State Security Planned The Attacks on Church in Alex

One of the leaked documents protesters found in State Security showing that the SS planned and implemented the attacks on Two Saints Church in Alexandria on the Christmas eve. The document is describing in details who, when and how to operate it..


  1. you need absolutely to translate it in english and mediatise it in western countries!!! send it everywhere to CNN, FR24,CNBC....

  2. Any update on translation?

  3. My attempt at a translation:

    In relation to instructing department 77 on the date 2/12/2010 regarding investigating ways to control the Copts and extinguish their consecutive protests and calm the tone of Father Shinoda in his speeches with the regime. We met yesterday evening at 18:25 for the duration of two hours with the individual called Ahmad Khaled and commenced discussing the proposed plan. The individual [Ahmad Khaled] noted that he would be able to carry out the plan with the help of a number of security personnel whom he's familiar with in his previous experiences. He then suggested targeting Al Qiddiseen Church in Alexandria and that is due to his extensive knowledge of the church and all its entrences and exits as well as his colleagues knowledge of it. Further we also hold a detailed plan of the church including its opertors, workers and priests which allows us the ability to control all CCTV recordings to direct the evidences towards our purposes.

    With regards to the individuals who would help, [Ahmad Khaled] suggested getting help from the leader of the Jund Allah organization and ask for technical and human supplies and it is something the leader of the organization Muhammad Abdul Hadi will greatly welcome according to the expectations of the individual named Ahmad Khaled.

    According to that we agreed with Ahmad Khaled to allow him to escape custody tonight until he would be able to contact the leader of the organization to ask for supplies and support with the assurance that he will work and from [???] the leader of the organization known as Muhammad Abdul Hadi under my authority and direction. It was also agreed that Ahmad Khaled will not mention that the operation is related to us as a state security but rather he will convince him that it is something he planed for himself.

    Ahmad Khaled will also continue to contact us with updates to plan and begin preparations and draw the steps towards the operation.

  4. Thank you Bassem Sawas for the translation.