Sunday, February 27, 2011

A testimony On The Arrest Of Protester Amr Abdallah on Friday, February 26

A testimony from Dr. Laila Mostafa Sewif, an eye-witness of the arrest and torture of Amr Abdallah, the protesters who is currently facing military trial after the army made up an arm possession case against him.. (Read it in Arabic too)

At 2 am, Saturday, February 26, 2011 in AL-Qasr Al-Einy st., in front of the People's
Assembly, after the military soldiers and police violently adjourned the sit-in I was part of, and while we were leaving, some military soldiers abducted Mr. Amr Abdallah al-Behery (32 years old, from Kafr Al-Zayyat) and started beating him strongly and hurt his face strongly without any clear reason as we were all leaving. When I, and my company, objected this and declared that we won't leave without this young man, a high-rank military officer calmed us down and ordered to bring Amr and he was severely injured in his face. We took him and walked through al-Qasr al-Ainy st. Dr. Shady al-Ghazaly Harb, Dr. Takadom al-Khatib (a lecturer in faculty of Arts, Mansoura Uni), my daughter Mona Seif al-Islam Abd el-Fattah, my son Alaa Seif al-Islam Abd el-Fattah and his wife Manal Bahei al-Dein Hassan and Mr. Ahmad Abdallah (a relative of Amr who was helping him to walk) were with me.

While we were walking, 2 young men stopped with their car offering a transportation to any place. So, we asked them to take Amr and his relative then Dr. Shady and Dr. Takadom left us to take Dr. Shady's car and I, with my family, continued walking in Garden City's streets.

After minutes, Dr. Takadom called me saying that the military officers stopped them again. So, we went back to al-Qasr al-Ainy st. to find that Amr, his relative, dr. Shady, dr. Takadom and the two young men who were only helping by their car have been all arrested by a large number of military officers.

Then, at around 4 am, Dr. Takadom called me saying that he and Dr. Shady has been released but the other four detainees are still abducted and saying that the army officers who abducted them were saying that Amr is posessing a weapon.

By 2 pm, Saturday February 26, 2011, and after I knew about Statement 23 that has been issued by the Supreme Council of Armed Forces that was stating that all detainees from this morning has been released, I called Mr. Ahmad Abdallah, Amr's relative, who have told me that he and the two young men who have been helping them have been released but he doesn't know anything about Amr.

I would like to assure that Amr Abdallah al-Behery wasn't possessing any
kind of arms. He was detained at first by the army and they would never have release him
as they did in the first time and let him go with us if he was carrying any arms.
Most probably, the army continued detaining Amr and made an arm possession case against him
in an attempt to justify the Amr's injuries after my daughter Mona Ahmad Seif, Dr. Shady al-Ghazaly Harb and Dr. Takadom photographed his injuries and it was clear that we were intending to file complaints about this torture case. Besides, I would like to say that all youths, who have been detained by the army and I talked with, told me that they have been severely beaten and some of them told me that them have been electrocuted.

Dr. Laila Mostafa Sewif
Lecturer, Faculty of Sciences, Cairo Uni
National ID: 25605018800105

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