Wednesday, March 9, 2011

Egypt's Labor protests, again and again!!

Does anyone have an objection when we say that the revolution is not over yet and need to continue it? I guess the answer is no: it's not over yet.. We need to continue.

Good, what about the labor protests going on now?

The Egyptian people started their revolution, 40% of them at least was (and still) below the poverty line of $2 a day income. The day by day suffering of Egyptian families is still going on. So, middle-class talky talkers who go back home everyday to find their hot meals and a safe place to spend the night in don't really feel what kind of miserable life the workers are going through Let's agree on that.

Yes, yes.. I know the answer: we are in the middle of a revolution. When we are done with it, the system will be alright and the workers will automatically get their rights back. But, when the workers insist on the continuing their protests, they are stopping "the production wheel" and delaying the "progress of economy" (yea, they assume that the production wheel was running and the progress was on all the time!). OK, let's discuss this..

The business in Egypt can be logically divided into public and private sector. Let's go with private sector first. Here's the situation: Bunch of millionaires and billionaires who are making millions and millions every year and employing tens of thousands of workers who work under very stressful conditions and get paid almost nothing. Now, the workers want their rights back from the millionaires; they want more salaries ad better working conditions. Now, you are saying that you want the production wheel to go on? So, why the hell don't you ask those millionaires to pay the right of workers back to make them go back to their work and continue production?! It drives me crazy to find all people talking and attacking workers for their continuing struggle to get a decent life and not trying for once to blame and attack businessmen who are robbing their workers in the first place! You wanna the so-called production wheel to continue, talk to employers and millionaires not to poor workers for God's sake!

OK, now to the public sector.. Let's agree that the regime wasn't just Mubarak. Mubarak was the head of this corrupted regime but the real body of it is represented in every company, university and institution in Egypt. To topple this regime, we need to topple every head of every governmental institution. This is what the labor protests are doing now. Besides, if we wanna a powerful political life in the future, unions of workers and employees need to be formed everywhere. This is the main starting point and this can only be done by the ongoing struggles and protests. Another thing: let's assume that the Egyptian govt don't have enough money to implement the verdict of the minimum wage of 1200 LE (the truth is they have the money, they should move their asses and get money stolen by the corruption apparatus of Mubarak's regime; that would be enough!), why they don't adopt the verdict firstly and set a time frame to implement it to assure the workers that they will really get their rights back and this is not a game played against them as they used to!

The only thing I can't understand is that when everyone needs to take an attitude and say crap here and there, they attack workers and farmers! Those workers and farmers are the ones who make everything we use and every food we eat and they don't even got fairly paid for that. We can't be sitting on our asses; using what they make and eating what they farm and after all, attack and judge them!!

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