Thursday, March 17, 2011

Is A No-Fly Zone The Only Way To Help Libya?

Well, America is not that humans-loving! From our experience from Afghanistan and Iraq - the US never give anything for free or for the sake of humanity! So, when they go for a no-fly zone in Libya, there must be another thing than stopping Qaddafi from massacring the Libyan people!!

Put this in mind when you are thinking in the no-fly zone resolution the Security Council just made. This doesn't mean that I am a pro-Qaddafi or endorsing him. Qaddafi is one of the biggest criminals in the human history. I am with the Libyan revolution till forever.

Now, we need to think of something that enables Libyans to continue and succeed in their revolution without allowing western imperial powers to invade and consume Libya's resources in the name of helping the revolution! How can this be done?

Aids and arms need to be smuggled inside Libya, revolutionaries to go there if anyone interested in, hospitals to be opened for Libyan in Tunisia and Egypt. These are examples, I am just triggering a discussion and this can be updated later.

My only point for now is: this is not a only-two-options-available situation between Qaddafi or Western imperialism. There is a third option: to continue the revolution by ourselves...

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  1. Some of what you call for has already been put into action, before the UN resolution: