Friday, March 4, 2011

Egypt's Revolution: Brave Protesters' Stand Against State Security

(Photo from hassan Yahya)

Friday, March 4, 2011.. Great Alexandria...

The revolution is still rocking. Protesters across Egypt accomplished the second demand on their last by toppling Shafik's govt. They soon moved to the third one: Down with State Security..

The main theme in chants in today's protests were asking for the State Security to be dissolved. But, Alexandria revolutionaries took the initiative and decided not to only ask for it, they have to do it by themselves as true revolutionaries do!

A huge protest started moving to stage a sit-in in front in the State Security building in Fara'in area but the State Security thugs acted very violently. They opened live ammo and tear gas against protesters which lead to serious injuries of 3 protesters. The protesters decided then that they will not leave.

Reports say that the military stood without any interventions at first. But, after live ammo has been used, the army forces decided to take over. Which is good, the protesters decided that this is not enough. So, hundreds of protesters storm into the State Security building with army soldiers searching for State Security officers who have been shooting them.

I will keep posting updates as soon as I get them...

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